Wednesday, October 31, 2007

One Crazy Saturday

I swear, this last Saturday felt like it was the day that never ended. There hasn't been any time to recover from it because every day since then has been go, go, go. I knew it was going to be crazy so we made a little photo journal of our day. It started bright and early that morning. The kids had breakfast, we got ready really quick and we were off to dance. We were in such a rush I had to finish my makeup in the car.

Here is a picture of the boys loaded up in the car ready to start our day.

Here we are 45 minutes later coming out of dance and we are headed to gymnastics (after a quick outfit change), which is just down the road and starts in 15 minutes.

Here are some pictures of Seth playing at her gym, Cooper & mommy watching Isabelle at her class & her participating. She really enjoys gymnastics.

Next, we stopped at one of our favorite burger spots. Only at In-n out can Isabelle down a whole burger by herself.

Enough pictures!!

Yes, that is Paul's 3x3 burger.

On to the next place. We are off to get a birthday present.

Now we are at home and it is time to get Isabelle ready for the birthday party while Seth crashes for a few minutes.

Now that Isabelle is ready, it is time to make some rice krispies for the trunk or treat. Cooper is just hanging out.

Now that the treats are done it is time to wake Seth up and take Isabelle to the birthday party. They went to Maggie Moos and build a bear. After we dropped Isabelle off, we had to run to the mall because the costumes I ordered did not make it early enough for the trunk or treat. So, we went looking for new costumes at the Disney Store. Seth is no longer Dash he is Woody.

Now, we go back and pick up Isabelle. She made a cheerleader bear at the party. She had a great time.

On the way home, Isabelle decided she wanted to be a cheerleader to match her bear. So, on the way home we made another stop at Target to pick up her costume. After that we headed home, got the kids in their costumes and we were off to the trunk or treat. We finally made it!

Here are a few more pics of the kids at the trunk or treat. By the time I got home there was nothing I wanted more than to get in bed. Especially since I had not gotten enough sleep the night before for this kind of day. It was one crazy Saturday!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

It's about time

Well, I am finally getting around to starting a blog. It will be a fun way to keep all of our family and friends informed on the latest and greatest. Life up here in the East bay is a fun adventure but, we do miss our family and friends terribly. Isabelle is loving kindergarten, Seth thoroughly enjoys preschool and Mommy loves having 2 hours twice a week with just Cooper. Most afternoons we are busy going to extracurricular activities. Isabelle loves dance, gymnastics and her musical theater class, while Seth is enjoying playing soccer and swimming. Cooper is a great addition to our family and he pretty much just goes with the flow.

Today was the primary program and Isabelle did a great job singing all of the songs and saying her little part in the "big microphone". Seth liked watching his big sis and giving the occasional wave. The picture of her in the green dress is from today after the program. Thanks for the beautiful dress grandma! Seth is our little jokster and while we were trying to get out the door to church this morning he pulled one of his shenanigans and under my breath I told him he was driving me crazy. He turned to me and shouted with a big smile on his face, YOU'RE DRIVING ME CRAZY! He also managed to give Cooper his first raisin today, which was followed by a conversation of why we don't give Cooper food and that he is not allowed to give him any. I don't know how he sneaked it in considering that we were right there with them. Paul and I frequently find ourselves trying not to laugh at Seth when it is not appropriate.