Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday glorious sunday.

Sometimes it seems as though Sunday can be quite rowdy around our house. Maybe it is because they know they are going to have to be quiet at church and they need to get the sillies out. Anyway, my wonderful husband let me sleep in this morning and this is what I came downstairs to...

Ahh, the good 'ol days of fort building. I love to see my kids and husband playing together. Then of course, the fort led to a pillow fight. I tried to upload the video of it but it is not working.

I love to hear the sound of my kids laughing. We all did settle down soon after and watched The Other Side of Heaven. Sundays are wonderful (except for the disaster my house is from us all being home most of the day).

Bring a friend day

Isabelle loves gymnastics. Yesterday was bring a friend day and she opted to bring her friend Garrett. Paul was like WHAT, she wants to bring a boy? That is not allowed. He was kidding of course. Isn't Garrett adorable?! They had a great time.

The Big Reward

I noticed about a month ago Isabelle was biting her fingernails. So, I told her I would take her to get her nails done if she stopped. Well, the bribe worked and she stopped. So, on Friday I finally paid up and we went to get her nails done. She had a great time chatting up the manicurist and of course picked pink polish. So fun to be girls!

Yeah Uncle Tripp!

Tripp had to work at the office up here last Monday so he came in a little early to spend some time with us Sunday evening and spend the night. We had a wonderful dinner and the kids had a great time showing off for Uncle Tripp. When it came time for the kids to go to bed Seth wanted Uncle Tripp's "spot" to be on the floor in his room. Seth was caling the air mattress his "spot". After the kids went to bed it was great to sit and visit for a while before we all went to bed. In the morning Seth couldn't resist jumping on him when he found him downstairs. So fun! Thanks for the visit!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The First Meal

I was going to wait another month to start him on food but, I was told that Acidophilus can help a gassy tummy. So, since he doesn't have a bottle, the only way to give it to him was to mix the powder in some rice cereal. I put him in the high chair and put on his new bib, then mixed 2 tablespoons of the rice cereal with some water. I wanted to mix it with water because he can get a little stopped up and I thought the water might help prevent that from happening. He seemed to like it and he did a pretty good job. He really did not get very messy. And, for the very exciting payoff, he slept an additional 2 hours last night before waking to eat. Sleep, precious sleep! We will have to see if it was just a fluke or if the cereal actually helped. Anyway, I can't believe our baby is growing up so fast. He is so precious. It goes by so fast. Before I know it he will be a year old.

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I have decided to write down a few of the funny things my kids tell me every week. So, here are some of the winners this week.

I was doing Isabelle's hair this morning before school and she says to me (as she is looking in the mirror), "Mom I already wore this outfit to school". I then say to her, "it's ok to wear an outfit more then once". Then she says,"But I like new clothes".
Am I in for it or what? Don't we all like new clothes. It is my own fault. We like to shop.

So this next conversation was last night between Seth & I. He got out of bed and snuck down to the toy room where I was picking up and says very urgently and demanding
Seth: Mom why aren't you in bed?
Me: Because it's not my bedtime.
Seth: Mom you don't even have your pajamas on!
Me: I know, it's not my bedtime it's yours.
Seth: But it's the middle of the night!! (Actually it's 8:30 pm)
Me: I know get back to bed.

Ok, so the last 2 were more of the kind where you just had to be there but this last one I couldn't contain myself from laughing. A few nights ago, Paul & I were sitting at the kitchen table talking and Seth came downstairs (out of bed again) with his power rangers mask on. I took him back to bed and asked him if he needed to go potty and he tells me, " No, I don't need to go poopoo, the poopoos are going to go to sleep in my bum!".

Never heard that one before!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween

So, here are a few pictures from Halloween. Seth had a party at preschool and he wore his Woody costume. Since we had 2 costumes (The Incredibles costumes came late so we had to get a different costume for the trunk or treat) he wore this one to school so I could be sure the other one would be clean for Halloween. We know how messy boys can be especially at preschool when they are making crafts and having treats. They made witch and spider cupcakes, had a little parade in their costumes, had snacks and played games. He had a great time.

At Isabelle's school, they had a variety of activities in all of the classrooms that the kids could go around to. Parents and siblings were invited too so we all went. They also have a fun parade that the whole school participates in. The high school marching band comes and plays while the kids march and wave in their costumes. It was a really chilly morning but really fun with all of the fog. It gave it a real spooky Halloween feel.

This is Isabelle before school and in the classroom with her brother.

Check out the fog behind Seth. We couldn't see the end of our street that morning. The other picture is of Seth & I waiting for the parade to start.

Here is Isabelle waving during their little parade.

This was Cooper's contribution for the morning.

Dununuhnuhhhh! Here is Mr. Incredible!

We did a little bit of trick or treating that night. We went with our friends Matt & Alicia. Their daughters name is Grace, she was Rapunzel. This was the first year Seth really understood what was going on. He loves candy so the fact that he could just go up to someones door and get candy was awesome. I think it is his favorite holiday. He keeps asking us if he can go trick or treating again.

Hanging with Mr. Cooper, our spider.