Monday, December 17, 2007

Update on Cooper

So, a week ago Monday I was given the all clear by the Doctor. Cooper's lung were clear! We still had to give him Singulair and pulmicort 2x a day but he was much better. As of today, we are almost back to square 1. He was only well for about 4 or 5 days before he got sick and started wheezing again. So, we went back to the doc and we are back on the oral steroid and using a different nebulizer treatment for a few days along with the xopenex in between when needed. So, because this seems to be a reoccurring thing it is now time to run a gamut of tests (blood, swabs, cultures, etc)to rule out certain illnesses. Anyway, my poor baby I hate that he is sick all the time and having to give him so much medicine. No fun! So frustrating! Hopefully we get some answers soon but, maybe it is just allergies and asthma. I don't know when I will be able to catch up on all the things I am behind on. Well, we are looking forward to spending the holidays relaxing with our family. Hopefully Cooper won't be too sick.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

The reason for no recent posts...

So, this has been the story of my life lately. If you can't tell, that is my sweet little baby, in the Dr's office, with a nebulizer mask on, inhaling xopenex. We have been doing breathing treatments a few times a day and night for at least the last 3 weeks. We have been to the ER once and he was almost admitted on Tuesday but, thank goodness, his pulse/ox finally recovered. He has had 2 chest x-rays and we have been to the Dr everyday this week and just about everyday last week. He has been on an array of medicine including xopenex, prednisone, singulair, pulmicort & a shot of rocephen. Anyway, my house is a disaster and his sleeping schedule is all messed up and I have hardly had time to do anything but feed him, give him his constant breathing treatments and maintain my other 2 children. Thus, I have had no time to blog. This is life when your baby has viral pneumonia, they think. If it persists more testing will be done to rule out other possibilities. How did this happen??? My poor baby. He has been such a trooper and relatively happy considering how sick he has been. Anyway, the last 2 days have been somewhat better so hopefully we are finally on the upswing.

On to happier topics, Thanksgiving was great. My whole side of the family came here and I made my first turkey. I don't have time to blog about all of the little details but we had a great time enjoying all of the things to do in the bay area and each others company. Now it is time to get ready for Christmas. My tree is up but I have not done ANY shopping!! My sick baby has not helped that any. Oh well. I need to just shop online but I have been too tired to even do that. Guess I better start soon, like today! Happy Holidays!