Monday, March 8, 2010

A Million Excuses

So, I have a million reasons why I haven't updated in so long but, instead of dwelling on that, it is simply time to move on and write about what's been happening lately.

In June Cooper turned 2. We celebrated at home with our little family and had cookie monster cupcakes. I can't believe he is already 2. He is very active and coming into his own as far as personality goes. Over the summer he moved into the big boy bed which was a little challenging at first but, he is doing well now staying in his bed and going to sleep when he is supposed to. He was having bad dreams at night and waking up crying so we put him in a room with Seth and he seems and that fixed it.

Over the summer we visited Las Vegas and Utah. The kids went to cousin camp at Grandma & Grandpa Rowles cabin and were able to visit their Mama & Papa Thom for a few days afterward (Seth has a new love of ATV's. He loves all extreme sports, he is always telling me he wants to surf, snowboard, skateboard, etc.) I was lucky enough to go to Seattle with my mom & sis for a few days for a girls trip to celebrate Marissa's 30th birthday. It is always fun to get away together. We made some great memories and of course ate a lot of really good food.

Seth's birthday was the first day of school, we celebrated that evening by having his favorite meatballs and I made a chocolate cake. The weekend after that we had a pirate party at our house and rented a water slide. We decorated the garage for the party so the kids would not be going in and out of the house wet. The kids loved the slide but it had a bump in the middle of it and I swear our kids and I know some of our friends kids had whiplash from it. They were all a little sore the next day. A few weeks before Seth's birthday, he learned to ride his bike without training wheels. He is already trying to do tricks and ride super fast. Paul's birthday was 2days after Seth's. He was feeling a little under the weather but, we went out to eat and came home and had chocolate pie (his favorite).

As I said, the kids first day was Seth's birthday. They both really like their teachers and we have really enjoyed being so close to the school that we can just walk. The first day, Cooper kept calling out for them and asking where they went.

Right after school started, soccer season started. Izzy & Seth are both playing and they have been having a great time and getting lots of exercise! Although, I think Izzy is more of a non-contact sport kind of girl. She keeps telling me she is afraid the ball is going to hit her or she is going to get kicked. So, she mostly just runs near the ball not actually getting in there and kicking it. She has already informed me she does not want to play next year and would rather stick to musical theater, gymnastics and dance which is fine with me!! I'm glad she got to try it. Seth on the other hand enjoys getting right in the middle of it all and running his little heart out.

The 2nd weekend in September Paul took Seth camping with a few friends. He didn't get to go on the Father & Sons outing earlier in the year and the Father/daughter campout was coming up soon so, to make things fair he camped with Seth one weekend and took Izzy on the Father/Daughter the next weekend. Izzy & Seth love camping and hiking, they had a great time.

Izzy's birthday was in September. On her actual birthday we went to Outback for dinner and came home for some Lemon pie. For her birthday party, we had a pretend sleepover at the house. Her friends came over in their PJ's with their sleeping bags in tow (Seth was the only boy, which he totally loved). We had pizza, made a craft, played freeze dance & musical sleeping bags, and had treats and cupcakes. Paul set up a projector outside and when it got dark, the girls took their sleeping bags out on a tarp and watched a movie, complete with popcorn and candy. After that, their parents came and picked them up. They all had a lot of fun. I can't believe she is 7. Before I know it she will be getting baptized.

On October 1st, Izzy had her tonsills and adenoids taken out and ear tubes put in. She has been snoring for years and always woke up tired in the morning even after 12 hours of sleep. She was also really prone to strep throat and ear infections. After checking her ears the ENT said her ear drum was retracted and to prevent further complications later she needed the tubes. It was a rough week and a half. She wouldn't eat anything (even ice cream) and she lost 4 lbs (a lot for someone who only weighs 40 lbs to begin with). She would wake up crying at night in pain and spike fevers randomly. One saving grace was that the day after her surgery my mom surprised us and showed up. I was so relieved and grateful she somehow knew I needed her. It was great to have her help for a few days. After a week and a half she finally started to eat and feel better. She was able to return to school after about 12 days. She was really tired the first few days but everyday she has been eating more and getting her strength back. I can already tell that she is hearing better and waking up in the morning more refreshed so I am glad we did it.

For Halloween the kids school had a parade so I went over and watched with Cooper. We also went to our ward Trunk or Treat and Trick or Treated with some friends on Halloween night. Izzy was Belle, Seth was Buzz and Cooper was Woody. Paul and I also went to his work trick or treat party. He was the basketball player and he cut half a basketball and tied it over my stomach so I was the ball.

Much of November was spent awaiting Preston's arrival. Before he came we were lucky enough to spend Thanksgiving with some dear friends who took pity on a big, fat pregnant girl so I didn't have to cook. We had a wonderful meal, hung out, talked and played wii. Poor Cooper was sick with a fever but, still in good spirits.

About a week before Preston was born I got bronchitis. I seriously thought I was going to cough him out. I actually pulled a stomach muscle from coughing so hard which made it even more painful to cough. I had Cooper and Seth about a week and a half early so I was sure I was going to go into labor around 2 weeks early. No such luck. In the end it all worked out for the best because my mom was able to come a few days before he was born and stayed a few days after. I have never been induced before so I was a little nervous but, with my mom being there only for a few days and coughing with a giant belly I knew it was time to get him out. When we got to the hospital early on November 30th the first thing they did was give me a big dose of prescription cough medicine which I was so thankful for. I think I only slept about 2 hours the night before due to coughing. I was already dilated to a 3-4 so I thought it would go super fast but it was slow going at first. Once they got the pitocin going pretty strong then things finally started to progress. I had an amazing anesthesiologist. The hardest part was trying not to cough while he was giving me my epidural. He asked me to warn him if I was going to cough which luckily I didn't need to. After that things went really smoothly, my water broke and I was fully dilated within about 2-3 hours. I pushed 2 or 3 times and he was out. I was shocked he was only 7lbs 5oz because my others were all much bigger but, I was so grateful because it made my recovery so much easier this time. My nurse and doctor were excellent. I truly could not have had a better delivery. The only unfortunate part was how sick we all were. My mom had to take Cooper to the pediatrician while we were in the hospital and Paul went to the doctor the day after we got home. We were all literally wearing masks the first few days we brought Preston home because we were afraid of getting him sick. I was lucky enough that as my mom was flying out Paul's mom was flying in so I had help for a good 2 weeks all together. Both mom's were so much help we were so lucky to have them! We are all loving him to pieces. He is such a good, mild mannered baby. He sleeps well and just hangs out when he is awake. My biggest problem is getting the kids to give him a little personal space. I can't say enough about how in love we are with him. He has a dimple in each cheek and one in his chin too. He is adorable!

A few weeks after Preston's birth we headed to Las Vegas & Utah to celebrate Christmas and New Year's and bless Preston. We had a wonderful time visiting everyone. The kids had so much fun with all of their cousins. Of course we couldn't escape the holidays without sickness. Seth had an asthma attack and we had to take a trip to the ER for a breathing treatment. Poor Cooper had pnumonia and Preston got his first cold. The Sunday after New Year's we blessed Preston in my parents ward. It was wonderful to have so many of our family members there. Thank you so much to all those who were there. We had a yummy brunch afterwards then started the daunting task of packing the car to head home.

I believe this is all the men involved except for John who had to leave shortly after to go teach. Kyle got to hold the microphone.I love my great grandma. She is so sweet. She always smells good and her skin is so soft. Here is my mom, sis, niece and me and Isabelle with her (don't forget I just had a baby so excuse the chubbiness).

The first week in February we found out that change is on the horizon for our family. Paul is being transferred/promoted so we will be moving to Southern California. I never pictured us living in Caifornia but, I think living in Northern California for the last 3 years has warmed us up to the idea of moving to Southern California. We are super excited mainly because we will be so much closer to our family which, will make it way more convenient to visit often. Paul will start working down there in March (coming home on Thursday nights) and the kids and I will join him after school is out. Mama and Papa Thom also came for a nice extended visit. Paul & Papa Thom took Seth to his first NBA game, the Warriors vs the Jazz. He had an awesome time. I think he was just as excited for the train ride there as he was for the game. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of snacks his dad spoiled him with. He was SO excited when he got home at 11 bouncing off the walls in his new jersey. Also while they were here the kids school had a fashion show fundraiser. Izzy had so much fun walking the runway and doing a dance with her friends. We love having them here. They are always so helpful with the kids and just enjoyable to have around. I hope we didn't wear them out too much.

It is nice to finally be somewhat caught up on the blog. The kids are all growing so fast. Izzy is about to lose her 2nd tooth,taking ballet,tap and jazz and reading chapter books. Seth is reading and writing,loving swimming lessons and asking me for a skateboard, snowboard or to learn to surf (which for now my answer is no. He has already had 1 broken bone he doesn't need another). He also really likes soccer and basketball. Cooper is constantly saying new sentences and words and still asserting his opinion very strongly. He is losing the toddler look and starting to look and act like a little boy (I can't believe he will be 3 in a few months). Sweet Preston is already 3 months old and as amazing as ever. He sleeps well and pretty much just goes with the flow which is such an amazing blessing. It feels good to be a family of 6. Time seems to be passing so fast it is hard to believe Izzy will be baptized later this year. Before I know it they will all be grown with families of their own but, for now I am going to try to enjoy this time, live in the moment (not wishing for the future) and have fun.


Bart and Kellie said...

Yay! Wow I was surprised when your post came up on my google reader. It's so fun to see your cute kids and how big they are getting. It was fun to see you when you were here in Vegas...Hopefully we'll get to see you more since you'll be closer. Glad you're doing well (and updated your blog!)

Patrick and Jennifer Thompson said...

YEAH!!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!! Way to catch up. Now I will look forward to reading your blog again and seeing what the kids are up to.

Mamathom and Papathom said...

LAURA, you are one awesome woman, and did a great job catching everyone up on your blog. Sooooo proud of you. Miss all of you.

Ali said...

That was a lovely post.


Carol said...

WOW! nice to hear from you. had no idea you were having another baby, but congrats...he's beautiful! So glad to hear life is treating you well and good luck with the big move down south!

Cindy said...

HI!!! I haven't talked to ya in forever! All your pics of the kids are so cute. I didn't even know you have a fourth baby! I have been bad with the whole blogging thing lately though.
Your sister's daughter is so cute! I'm so happy for her. Isabelle is absolutely darling. She probably wouldn't even recognize Blake. We'll have to stay in touch better :)

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