Sunday, March 16, 2008

Teeth & Army Crawling

About a month ago Cooper got his first tooth and shortly there after his second too. I have been waiting till they were sticking up far enough to get a good picture. I think he may be working on a third one that will be coming soon. It is not the best pic of his teeth but, those 2 stubs on his bottom gums are his teeth. Luckily he hasn't bit me yet.

The night before Cooper & I came home from Las Vegas he started army crawling. He was playing on the floor in Sarah's nursery while I was helping Marissa get things organized and all of a sudden he just took off! I couldn't believe it. I grabbed my mom's cell phone and took a video to capture it. Things are going to be changing around our house now that he is mobile! I have to beware of the human vacuum so the floor always has to be sparkling and I guess its time to start baby proofing again. He has also started a couple of other fun games, like rolling over when I try to change his diaper and taking his pacifier out and dropping it and watching me pick it up. He also likes to drop it out of the side of his crib! I am always searching for the lost pacifiers under the crib. Such a fun age, it is so fun to see his little personality.


The Rowles said...

Cooper looks so cute! I love the little teeth. One of my fav. stages is the wrestling matches at diaper changing time.

The Rowles said...

No I can't see the video.