Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween

So, here are a few pictures from Halloween. Seth had a party at preschool and he wore his Woody costume. Since we had 2 costumes (The Incredibles costumes came late so we had to get a different costume for the trunk or treat) he wore this one to school so I could be sure the other one would be clean for Halloween. We know how messy boys can be especially at preschool when they are making crafts and having treats. They made witch and spider cupcakes, had a little parade in their costumes, had snacks and played games. He had a great time.

At Isabelle's school, they had a variety of activities in all of the classrooms that the kids could go around to. Parents and siblings were invited too so we all went. They also have a fun parade that the whole school participates in. The high school marching band comes and plays while the kids march and wave in their costumes. It was a really chilly morning but really fun with all of the fog. It gave it a real spooky Halloween feel.

This is Isabelle before school and in the classroom with her brother.

Check out the fog behind Seth. We couldn't see the end of our street that morning. The other picture is of Seth & I waiting for the parade to start.

Here is Isabelle waving during their little parade.

This was Cooper's contribution for the morning.

Dununuhnuhhhh! Here is Mr. Incredible!

We did a little bit of trick or treating that night. We went with our friends Matt & Alicia. Their daughters name is Grace, she was Rapunzel. This was the first year Seth really understood what was going on. He loves candy so the fact that he could just go up to someones door and get candy was awesome. I think it is his favorite holiday. He keeps asking us if he can go trick or treating again.

Hanging with Mr. Cooper, our spider.

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Carol said...

Ok, those costumes are crackin' me up!!! Was Isabelle all for that idea or did you do what we all want to do sometimes and force it on them?